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Established in 2010, Arabic Localizer sought out to differentiate itself from the competition in the localization Industry, in particular, regarding the Arabic language. We realized the gap that existed between client requirements and the mediocre output the industry had to offer in regards to quality and attention to detail and we aimed to bridge that gap. With over 6 years now in the market we are satisfied to say that we have been able to make a difference in the overall quality of Arabic linguistic services market and we are still hoping to do much more.

We have recently been growing and expanding our services to industries other than linguistic services to include Educational Consultancy and Instructional Design, Consultancy and Web Solutions for businesses, and Website Design. We are focusing on these solutions to help our clients excel in enhancing their business processes and create the market image they need to continue growing.

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We are always looking for new talent to help create value for our clients and enrich our organization. If you are a hard worker and confident in your potential we are the right place for you.

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