Workflow Solutions

Successful companies have internal workflows to manage their disparate work functions. These functions range from recruitment and training to project management, employee assessment and financial control. Unfortunately, however tracking and following through with these workflows is based heavily on human resources which are prone to inaccuracies, long processing times, and decreased transparency.

This leads to many inefficiencies in the work process that could otherwise be optimised using customized and smart software workflows. This is where our team at Arabic Localizer comes in. We meet with your team understand the intricacies of your internal workflows, your needs, and your objectives. We then propose automated web based solutions that will help you save time and money and get the most out of your information and employees.

What You Get

Increase Employee Efficiency And Efficacy

When all your workflows are in an automated and online system you have better insight as to which employees are working effectively and efficiently and who are the best and worst achievers. This information is vital in helping you make the correct decisions regarding incentives, penalties, hiring, firing, and training; and can significantly enhance your overall function’s efficiency.

Increase Management Oversight

When specific processes are handled manually, information becomes decentralized and clogged in different parts of the workflow. It takes management personnel time and effort to gather the information they need and piece it together to get the whole picture to make correct decisions. With automated, cloud based workflows you have all the information you need at the tips of your fingers and can quickly and clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Decrease Cost & Increase The Bottom Line

Inefficiencies in the work process cost a lot of time to work around, and if your employees are first class then you may be getting less out of your employees than you should. This increases the manpower you need to get your tasks done, consequently increasing overall cost and decreasing profitability. Our web solutions keep these inefficiencies to a bare minimum enabling you to make the most out of your resources and increase your bottom line.

Enhance Brand Image

Creating internal software work processes with your internal brand and logo can significantly enhance your internal brand image with your employees and can be a successful sales and marketing tool that can help you project a sense of confidence and competence to your clients.

Streamline Operations

Sometimes there exist workflows that require several people working in quick succession. It can become tedious to have each employee inform the next when one part of a process has been completed and the next should begin. It also becomes difficult for management to keep track which tasks are at which stage in the process. Streamline your operations and reduce the uncertainty in each phase with our online web solutions.

Identify Performance Gaps

With the increased oversight our solutions have to offer regarding what is actually happening in your organization on a day to day basis, you will easily be able to identify where your organization may be falling short. This information could be the very edge you need to get ahead where the competition is getting smarter and better by the day and there is less and less room for mistakes.

Features of Our Web Solutions


All our offerings are 100% private and secure ensuring your confidentiality.

Managed Hosting

We provide managed hosting of your web solutions for your convenience .

Multiple Browser Support

Our solutions are designed to work on all browsers including, IE, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Have more visibility over your organization’s performance via our customized BI reports.

Cloud Based

Access your platform anywhere and from any device securely .

Universal OS Support

Our solutions work on Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS.