Speech Recognition

  • Mar 2017
  • Software Solutions
Project Description

Our client had a running project of bettering voice language recognition for a certain search engine company. This project was dedicated to various Arab countries with different dialects requiring a huge number of Arabs who could understand Arabic with its different dialects to be able to work on this project as transcribers of existing voice segment which would later be used to enhance machine learning.

The main problem was choosing suitable applicants from a huge number that was more than 10,000 applicants and training them. The client did not have a systematic way to get this done. The recruitment process used to consume a huge amount of time to filter applicants, choose those suitable, evaluate and then train them.

We created a platform that would automate most of the recruitment process and allow for onboarding of accepted candidates directly into ongoing projects.

Case Study
  • Skills
    • PHP
    • Laravel
    • MySQL
    • Jquery
    • Bootstrap
    • HTML
    • CSS